The Route

Distance: 74,640 km
Gradient: +3215m. -3215m.
Maximum altitude: 2177m.
Minimum altitude: 847m.

Stage 1. El Pont de Suert- Erill la Vall.

The 3 valley route starts at Pont de Suert´s Main Square, goes trough the old town and crosses the bridge over the Noguera Ribagorzana river. We will follow “el camino del agua” (the water trail) heading to la Vall de Boí. It is a beautiful path trough meadows and forests, now on the Noguera de Tor riverside, where we will find the amazing romanic bridge of Castilló de Tor, the “Salencar” of Barruera and San Feliu´s romanic church. Then we will walk up to Erill la Vall, one of the most picturesque towns of the area, where we can visit Santa Eulalia´s romanesque church.


Stage 2. Erill la Vall- Aneto.

From the highest part of the town starts the way to Basco pass, a steeply sloping path with the best views of the Boí valley and the mountains of  Aigüestortes National Park. We will continue until Gelada pass, where we will find the Barravés valley and its surrounding mountains: Mig de la Tallada, Aneto, Vallibierna, Rusell. The way down to Senet goes trough an interpretative fauna trail, and then we will cross to Aneto, in the aragonese part of the Ribagorza Area.


Stage 3. Aneto- Castanesa.

We follow the GR-18 trough Salinas pass, again we will enjoy wonderful views, to the east Boí valley, to the south Castanesa valley.

The way goes trough open and lonely landscapes, which transmits us a lot of tranquility. Once down in Baliera valley we will get to Fonchanina and Castanesa, with its splendid church of San Martín.


Variant to Denuy.

From Fonchanina we go down to the Baliera river, and we cross it leading to Siscarri, then we continue on the east side trough a PR to Denuy, a sunny village that invites us to relax.


Stage 4. Castanesa- El Pont de Suert

From Castanesa we will follow the GR-18 along Ardanuy, Benifons, Noales, Bibiles and Bonansa, and if we sleep at Denuy, then we will take the variant GR 18.1 passing trough Ribera until we join the main trail. These are all good conserved villages and the animal breeding is a way of life and it is reflected in the landscape: the paths go trough woods, meadows and rivers, along glens that take us backwards in time. From Bonansa we follow the GR-15 to Cirés and Pont de Suert.


The route goes trough mid and high mountain terrain. We can find both easy to walk and to follow paths as well as irregular and steep ones. The weather can change from warm conditions to cold environments, even during summer. Quiet, meadows, forests and water are recurrent values of this route.


The route has not an special marking type. It follows different signs: red and white for the GR, yellow and white for the PR, yellow spots and sticks for the National Park Trails…
Even tough the trails are enough marked, we have to be careful if there are bad visibility conditions. We must manage mountain orienteering techniques and we must carry a map and a compass. Otherwise you should contract a professional mountain guide.


Download Ruta 3 Valls gps track here