You can complete the route autonomously or accompanied by a guide from May to October. There are two options:

4 stages

You can walk four consecutive days with at least three overnights, and maximum five if we count the nights before and after the route.

This is the ideal way to enjoy a week of pyrenean culture and mountains.

5 stages

If you prefer the last stage can be divided into two, then you can sleep in the cozy town of Bonansa. You can enjoy more of the richness of the place.

2 week-ends

You can also complete the route in two parts, two different weekends, not necessarily consecutive. Four days walking and minimum four overnights and maximum six. This is the ideal way to hike and visit la Ribagorza during working weeks.

4 stages guided

The Route 3 Valls tour is a perfect modality to better understand the natural and cultural secrets Ribagorza. If you want to share the expenses of the guide with other people or meet new people, this proposal interests you. + info